BBQ accessories and tools for perfect outdoor cooking and a storming BBQ Party - don't forget Now 56 and Now Dance 2004 to get the party going
Rushbrookes Black Barbecue Apron
Rushbrookes Black Barbecue Apron
Weber Chimney Barbecue Start
The aluminium-coated steel charcoal Rapidfire chimney starter is extra large to hold enough briquettes for an indirect fire on a Weber kettle. The stay-cool glass-reinforced nylon handle and a wire fold-out handle provides safe handling of hot coals. More Info

BBQ Starter from Weber
Weber Barbecue Stainless Steel Tool Kit
Why not throw out those rusty, old barbecue tools and get these great accessories? They are made entirely from heavy-gauge, brushed stainless steel and add a unique sense of style to any Weber barbecue. More Info

Weber Stainless Steel BBQ Tools

Weber Barbecue Tool Holder
Save space and keep tools within easy reachwhen using your Weber barbecue. This is a heavy-duty, bright nickle-plated steel holder has four hooks. More Info

BBQ Tool Holder for kettle BBQ's

Weber Food Thermometer
Now you really can't blame that dodgy sausage for your tummy ache when you can grill to perfection with this instant-read design thermometer that accurately registers internal food temperatures. More Info

BBQ Food Thermometer

Weber Hickory Chips 3lb Bag
Hickory Chips provide a hearty flovour to your barbecued food.
Recommended for pork, beef, wildgame and fish.
Just add a good handful to the charcoal fire in the barbecue. More Info

Hickory wood chips  for smoke flavouring of your BBQ  food
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